Converting Article Marketing Articles To An E-Book For Your Site

Article marketing is effective in promoting whatever you want to market in the internet, and this is fully acknowledged by many web marketers. Articles marketing can do a lot of things to an online business owner and this does not only mean getting back links to your site, but also other things that can mean much for your business.

Article marketing can help you establish your authority in your niche and the reputation in the online community. With your articles, especially if you have published lot of these in the internet, you can be the “go-to-guy” in your niche field and acquire the trust of your followers and peers in the industry.

For every article that you write and publish, you will see that your level of trust and credibility will increase also, and so with the level of expertise that people will put on you. People will no longer put you on the same place as the ordinary article writer on the internet.

With this level of trust put on you by people in your field you can market your articles as e-books or give these as freebies for email sign-ups. You can do these by following these guidelines:

First you have to find a subject that you want to write about for your article contents. Complete some research and find out what people in your niche are asking a lot about, and getting into this content subject will spur the curiosity of people in your field.

After you find the interesting content, you can start writing the article. Limit yourself to the basics of article writing, do not make too long of contents, and do not compress the topic into one single article because you will be writing a series of articles for this topic.

Write several of these articles with one topic that you have, or probably you can include some sub-topics but should be those relevant only. After you have written several of these articles you can now compile these into one e-book that can be offered to customers.

You can now put these compiled articles into a PDF format for easy downloading of your e-book. You are now ready for publishing of your e-book.

You now publish and offer your e-book by doing so on the internet. Put up a link to your website and you can now market and promote your e-book by way of blog promotions or you can also offer these for free as gifts for email sign-ups.

By way of marketing your compilation of articles as e-book, you can build your online reputation and credibility. You will be represented by peers and be named as an expert in your field by followers.

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